Monday, December 1, 2008

Chapter 1 Version 3 (how does it look written in the first person)

Nearly ready to go now Rosie, Jim has put the bags in the Daimler and Dom is just finishing his breakfast.  I wish that John and Laura had been coming with us, I know that you wanted this to be a family trip back up to Liverpool to see it in it’s year as European Capital of Culture but you know what John’s like, work will always come first. I know, just like his father but even I made time for my family.

Do you remember when he was little and we took John away to that cottage in Wales?  His little eyes lit up when he found that there were sheep grazing in the garden and do you remember when we took him to Formby for the first time and he felt the soft sand between his toes? Oh Rosie where have all the years gone?  When did I get to be an old man, it’s still a shock when I look in the mirror, it’s like I’m looking at my Father.

I hope that Dom has a good time this weekend.  I’ve tried to arrange everything just the way you wanted it.  I’ve booked us a couple of suites at that new hotel in Castle Street that you liked so much, I even managed to reserve one of their private dining rooms for dinner tonight.  Joe and Andy are coming and Sylvia is picking up the Carter’s so it will be just like old times.  Joe will probably have too much to drink and Sylia will drive every mad with her constant chatter, you would love it of course, you could boast about young Dominic and make him blush.

I couldn’t believe it when he said that he was still coming with me this weekend.  There are not many eighteen year olds who would want to spend so much time with their old Grandpa.  

Did I tell you that he wants us to take another trip later this year?  He wants to see the farm where I grew up and find out about his Polish ancestors.  Oh Rosie I don’t know how I’m going to be able to let him down without upsetting him, maybe we’ll have a chance to talk about it this weekend.  There are some things that are best left in the past.

Don’t worry about me Rosie I’m not getting maudlin, I’ve promised you that nothing is going to spoil this weekend and I intend keeping my word.

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