Tuesday, January 6, 2009


Now that the Christmas holidays are all but a distant memory, it's time to put my head down and get on with some serious work.  

I think I've decided which format to write in, but I'm going to leave you guessing which one just a little longer because I am now doing something that I thought that  wouldn't need to do, I'm taking the time to hand write a plotline/storyboard.  

I'd really wanted to put all my ideas down in this blog, but to be honest with you, I still enjoy scribbling away in pencil on large sheets of paper so that I can decorate the walls with my thoughts ( now that's a frightening prospect!) but as soon as I get the memory card back for my camera, long story... we bought Lesley a new camera for Christmas but forgot to get her a memory card, so I lent her mine so that she could take some pictures on Christmas day but she forgot to take it to the party hence no family Christmas pictures of 2008... I will take some photos of my scribblings and post them here so that you can see that I'm not cheating and that I'm really sharing everything with you.

One thing I will own up to is that for the past two weeks I haven't put pen to paper.  I could make all sorts of excuses and say that the preparations for Christmas and having the family home meant that I just didn't have time to indulge in writing (and yes I still think of writing as a guilty pleasure) but the truth is that I'm probably just lazy.  Not lazy in the sense that I have been sitting around doing nothing all day, but too lazy to schedule my day such that I could spend even the odd hour working on the story.  I find it far easier to make excuses to myself why I shouldn't be working rather than spend that time actually producing something. What can I tell you, I'm a bad person but I did have a lot of fun making paper snowflakes, fancy Christmas wreaths and lots of nice things for my family to eat so maybe I'm not all bad!  

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