Thursday, February 12, 2009

Writers Block

If I'd been using a typewriter today rather than a computer,  I would now have a waste basket full of scrumpled up paper.

I've tried so many times to get started it's untrue.  I just can't get the first paragraph down on paper.  All the planning is done, the research is stored and the ideas are flowing so what's wrong with me, why can't I get started on the actual writing.  This block has now lasted two days.  I find so many other things to do rather than sit in front of the computer with a blank word document open in front of me.  So far this week I have wasted hours on Twitter, sorted through old photos making Web Albums to send to my family and have walked the legs off the poor dogs.  In fact the only thing I haven't done is reseed the lawn and that's only because the ground's been frozen.  

So what now, do I put this novel and all the many hours I've spent on research, on a metaphorical shelf and leave it until some far off distant day when I feel more confident about starting it again?  

Should I try and write something new, something easier like Spanish Steps, after all that was fun to write and the mad plot lines and even madder characters just seemed to pop into my head - and not always after consuming large amounts of alcohol!

Or should I have another bash at it and just sit here until the creative juices start flowing again?

Bugger , bugger, bugger.......about the only thing I don't feel guilty about at the moment is that at least I haven't used up half a forest getting precisely nowhere!

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