Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Still researching

It seems to be taking me an age to read all the information that I have gathered for the novel. It is very tempting to just start writing but I know that if I do that then I would probably go off on a tangent and loose my way.

When I write for Spanish Steps I have HUGE flow charts all over the office wall. Each character has their own chart and then there is the master story board. I find them invaluable when I'm writing and would love to have something similar for 08 but I'm not sure how to do it so that I can share it with you. The only idea that I've come up with so far is to try and set up a flow chart in Microsoft Office and try and attach it to the blog so you can see my random though processes. Sounds like it might work but I'm not sure if I will end up wasting more time with the actual technology involved rather than using these blog posts to write every thing out in longhand. I'm off to have a play in the MS Office suite and I'll let you know how I get on.

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