Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Introducing some of the main Characters

Polish names. The old man Maksymilian , his parents, 2 brothers Marek and Pawel and 1 sister Anka Family Name Napierkowski his son John/ Janusz his Grandson Dominic/Dominik

Max Napier is looking forward to his trip to Liverpool to revisit the city of his youth in this its year as European Capital of Culture. He has persuaded his young grandson Dom to join him on the trip
but sadly wasn't surprised when his son cried off at the last minute claiming that the business couldn't spare him for the weekend.

John Napier, Max's only son, is the CEO of Napier Construction Ltd and like a lot of successful businessmen he sometimes forgets that if wasn't for his father he wouldn't be where he is today.

Dom is looking forward to spending some time with his Grandpa. Since he was a small boy he has been fascinated by the old man's tales of his early days in Poland and in this his GAP year before starting medical school next year Dom hopes that he will be able to persuade Max to join in on a road trip through Poland to visit his homeland.

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