Thursday, January 22, 2009

Where do I go for help?

I'm stuck - I have Max in Liverpool, he's fallen for Rosie and wants to marry her but how does he do that without his passport?  I suppose I could have him 'borrow' a friends documents which would ultimately have him living a lie  - or maybe the authorities would have accepted his identity papers? After all he did get into the country on them and for a while was training with the Army at Aintree Racecourse so maybe they would have issued him with suitable papers?  So many questions - who do I ask - well in the first instance The General Registry Office -   


This may sound a strange request but I am trying to find out if during the second world war a foreign national would need to produce their passport before getting a special marriage license.  

I'm currently researching for my first novel which is partly set in Liverpool in WW2.  My main character (Max) is a refugee from Poland who falls in love with a Liverpool girl and wants to marry her. Sorry, this makes it sound a bit drippy and honestly it's not. If you liked to see a rather more detailed synopsis please feel free to look at my website

My problem is I can't see that Max would have had a passport but to be able to cross occupied Europe and get on a ship leaving the Spanish/French border he would probably have had identity papers. Would these papers have been good enough to get him into the UK in the first place? (There really were 2 Polish ships that left St Jean de Luz in 1940 with 1000's of refugees that sailed to the UK)

I'm sorry there are so many questions and can appreciate that this mightn't be your area but I would be very grateful if you could at least point me in the right direction as to which organisation might be able to help.

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